In the late 1960’s, mostly timber and mild steel were used for doors and windows for the building industry. These materials had many limitations of design, performance, availaibility, maintenance and elegance. Founder of Alumilite Mr. S.K. Damani, an Engineering Graduate realized these problems and explored the possibility of using alternative materials. After various experiments and studies and the prevailing trend all over the world, aluminum was selected as the most suitable basic raw material. The aluminum was available in abundance in India and could be used to overcome all the above problems.

The idea of using aluminium was appreciated by Architects, Builders and House owners and they encouraged the uses of aluminium more and more in the building industry. To meet the growing demand, Mr. S.K. Damani established many fabrication and anodizing units all over India. He had a dream that some day the façade of every building in India will have a vast use of aluminium and glass for elegance and minimum maintenance.

And now after 25 years we see his dream, we can see buildings cladded with aluminium and glass all over India. The success did not come easy. He faced many problems in designing, fabrication and finishing. Heavy rains, stormy weather, structural stability in high rise building and the coastal places posed problems like leakage and corrosion. With constant efforts and improvement in design, fabrication equipments, better hardwares, testing facility and structural calculations, the problems were overcome one by one.New problems cropped in every project and the continuous struggle for the improvement in new areas goes on.

With the latest technology and changing trends over the world it was necessary to bring in younger blood. Today Mr. Varun Damani, an MBA Graduate, is ensuing the same dream to take the company to new heights in the field of design, quality and service.


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