A Curtain wall is a light weight and low maintenance outer covering of a building with Architectural glass to give the building an aesthetically soothing & rich look. This form of façade work is mainly seen in commercial buildings.


The Aluminium frame is typically infilled with glass, which provides Architecturally pleasing building, as well as benefits such as daylighting. In this type of curtain wall, Aluminium cap is seen on the periphery of the glass and the glass is mechanically held on to the external façade buildings with the help of specially designed pressure plate’s screwed on to the mullion and transom grid which is erected.


ALUMILITE ARCHITECTURALS front seal Structural Glazing system is a Semi-unitised system. It is able to withstand a high level of wind pressure. Specially designed mullion & transoms are fixed with the help of 3 dimensional adjustable brackets which form the initial required grid.

The factory glazed glass panels are brought to site & bolted on to the pre-fixed grid. As the entire safety & principle of Structural Glazing depends on these panels, the glasses are professionally & carefully bonded on to the panels under controlled conditions & with the help of double component sealant. Different tests such as surface test, butterfly test and de-glazing are carried out, which is a part of one safety & quality manual.

This type of glazing allows easy installation of panels, in any random sequence. It is also a high quality & degree of curved & slope glazing.

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This system is for high rise building where it is not economical, practical & safe to erect Scaffolding for glazing the external façade of a building. This system consists of pre-fabricated modular panels spanning each floor assembled under controlled conditions and highest possible quality check. These completely factory fabricated and assembled panels are then transported to the site for installation. It is very fast to install and the possibility of human error on site are reduced.


  • The panels are assembled in the factory in standardised units, with a high degree of accuracy and precision.
  • It allows better and more effective control of the construction schedule.
  • Highly reduces construction period, since panels can be installed simultaneously with construction of civil work.
  • Uses 3-4 EPDM Gasket barriers, as a thermal barrier.
  • Discards the necessity of on-site application of sealant, thus making installation independent of weather conditions.
  • Specially designed Aluminium profiles with excellent Ixx and Iyy value applicable on high rise building capable to withstand extreme windload conditions.
  • Adopts a pressure equalisation principle along with an innovative drainage system, creating excellent resistance to water leakage and air penetration.



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