With continuous innovation, designing, engineering & testing ALUMILITE ARCHITECTURALS have been able to achieve high performance casement windows. In the windows all the accessories used are of superior quality assuring:-

  • Air & Water tightness
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Noise Insulation
  • Structural stability
  • Easy to maintain, at the same time very safe, having elegant & pleasant appearance

A wide range of window profiles for meeting high performance are available which can also offer various alternatives :-

  • Shutter Opening Out - glass fixing from outside
  • Shutter Opening Out - glass fixing from inside
  • Shutter Opening in - glass fixing from inside
  • Shutter Opening IN “turn and tilt” operation – glass fixing from inside
  • Centrally pivoted with 100% reversible option

The windows can also be custom designed in order to meet to the Client/Architect/Consultants requirement & can be offered in different types of finishes such as

  • Anodising in various shade
  • Powder Coating
  • PVDF


After high level Engineering & intense R&D of the latest concept in International design & development in Sliding Windows ALUMILITE ARCHITECTURALS have been able to design an economical as well as aesthetically pleasant looking series of windows which are structurally stable for high rise buildings. It also ensures satisfactory performance in Indian conditions where there is an excess of dust, strong winds & heavy rains.


  1. Options of 2 track and 3 track frame.
  2. All tracks have a heavy duty hollow profile.
  3. Option of single or insulated double glass for sound and heat insulation available.
  4. Option of extra flymesh sliding shutter available.
  5. Tracks and shutter provided with heavy duty imported polypropylene weather strips to prevent air, noise and water infiltration. The shutter slides on special nylon strips encased ball bearing for smooth and silent sliding movement.
  6. Spring loaded locking arrangement of highest quality.
  7. Anti-lift and anti-rattling nylon mouldings.
  8. Anti capillary polypropylene pads.
  9. Extra high track as an added precaution against water infiltration during stormy heavy rains.
  10. For elevational treatments, option for sash bars in the shutter are also available.
  11. Same hollow track & Shash profile is used for all the sides, thus making it possible to have an elegant and strong mitre joint.


  • Sliding Folding Doors.
  • Break Open Doors.
  • Automatic Doors.
  • Patch Fitted Doors.


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