AAPL strongly believes in ‘ZERO ACCIDENT POLICY’ at all the work places.
Our biggest assets being Human Resources, we continuously starve for the highest safety standards to be followed while executing works on all the projects as well as in the factory.

Safety Procedure

  • On every site, working indoor or outdoor, using helmet is compulsory.
  • While working on height, full body harness is to be used & it must be securely hooked.
  • All the electrical connections must have three pin plug & it will have very good adequate earthing to it.
  • Hanging wires are not allowed; all the wires must be routed along walls or hung properly on a height.
  • While using grinder, use of hand gloves & eyewear is must.
  • While handling the glasses, using hand gloves is must.
  • Erected scaffolding must be checked every time before use by site in charge.
  • Accident book must be maintained on every site & factory, which will also include Just Missed Accidents. The output of this report must be discussed in MRM.
  • Every working place must have First Aid box, with all required first aid medicines specified by Government Body, in adequate quantity.
  • Every work place must have Fire Extinguishers as required by Government body & they must be validated on expiry date as required.
  • While lifting the material, crane used must have valid calibration & it must be operated by trained personnel.
  • Area below lifting area / work place must be barricaded to prevent unauthorized entry into it.
  • No child labour is allowed in any work place.
  • A safety audit will be conducted every month on every work place, finding of which will be discussed in MRMs.


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